Plan Your Federal Retirement with Complimentary FEDweek Handbooks

Though the federal government provides some information concerning your federal retirement benefits, it can be hard to understand and doesn’t offer advice specific to your situation.

FEDweek’s reader-friendly handbooks compile the latest critical information on FERS and CSRS plans to help you take full advantage of your benefits and avoid making costly mistakes.

Through our exclusive partnership with FEDweek, F.F.E.B.A. can provide you with a FEDweek Handbook at no charge. These publications are sold on the FEDweek website, so you’re saving money and gaining beneficial information to help you retire.


This guide is FEDweek’s top-selling publication for close to 20 years. Designed to help simplify the retirement-planning process, the guide:

  • Helps calculate your annuity and avoid possible reductions
  • Shows you how Social Security fits into the picture
  • Covers what to do about health and life insurance
  • MRA+10, Thrift Savings Plan, Taxes, the Windfall Elimination Provision, Survivor Benefits, and more


For CSRS participants, this FEDweek planning guide contains the latest critical information on your retirement benefits:

  • Annuity calculation and possible reductions to avoid
  • Social Security benefits, plus health and life insurance information
  • Thrift Savings Plan, Taxes, the Windfall Elimination Provision, Survivor Benefits, and much more.

Note: CSRS-Offset employees should order the CSRS version. Federal Employees who switched from CSRS to FERS should order the FERS Retirement Planning Guide.



FEDweek’s Book of Answers provides specialists advice/guidance for questions, situations and life events that federal employees experience. Formatted to answer situations such as:

  • What if I leave government before I’m eligible to retire?
  • What if I want to supplement my government salary with outside income?
  • What if I’m sidelined by a serious medical problem?
  • What if I come back to work after retirement?
  • What If I Want to Name or Change Beneficiaries?


Written by FEDweek’s veteran team of specialists, the this handbook provides the latest critical information on your federal pay, benefits and workplace policies. Described as the essential desk reference, topics include:

  • What happens to your benefits if you separate before retirement eligibility
  • New loan and other policies for the Thrift Savings Plan
  • How you might qualify for a payment from the “human capital performance fund”
  • Policies and figures on health, life and long-term care insurance, flexible spending accounts, Federal retirement, Social Security and much more


The TSP Investors Handbook is an information-packed guide with topics including:

  • TSP’s new policies on investment limits, inter-fund transfers, withdrawal options and transfers from other retirement savings programs
  • Roth investing (tax-free withdraws to benefit more from compound interest)
  • A detailed perspective on what the “new” TSP is all about and what it means to you
  • The relationship between TSP and privatized retirement accounts – what types of accounts can be involved in transfers and under what circumstances
  • Newly revised tables on rates of return and an analysis-and how they can guide your TSP investment and withdrawal strategies

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since this book went to press, the Federal Government has made changes to your TSP Withdrawal Options that will become effective in September, 2019. To see the latest government Fact Sheet on these changes, click here.

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