Virtual Educational Class

Virtual Federal Edge Educational Presentation

Our one-hour educational presentation is designed to help you understand your benefits and make informed decisions when planning your retirement.

This comprehensive presentation discusses benefits for Federal employees working in a range of government agencies – from VA hospitals and the Social Security Administration, to US Postal workers, the Department of Agriculture, and many other agencies.

You will also learn how to get your No-Obligation Federal Retirement Benefits Analysis. 

Federal Edge video topics include:

  • Understanding CSRS, FERS and the CSRS Offset
  • How the FERS “Three-Legged Stool” works with TSP and Social Security
  • Calculating CSRS benefits and requirements to qualify for your pension
  • Life Insurance (FEGLI) — how it works, associated costs, and what happens to FEGLI when you retire
  • Optimize your TSP account — how it’s computed and what benefits will be payable to survivors
  • TSP catch-up rules, loan regulations, your withdrawal options at a certain age, and more
  • The Windfall Elimination Provision and how it affects your Social Security benefits

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