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Complimentary 2019 Social Security Analysis

A few things you need to consider:

  • How long will your Federal benefits sustain you?
  • Will gaps in your employment affect your calculation?
  • Should you and your spouse file at the same time or separately?
  • Does your CSRS or FERS status impact your retirement date?

Whether you’re in the accumulation or preservation phase of saving assets for retirement, your Social Security is a vital component. Why not have a road map to help you plan on using these funds?

There are thousands of Social Security laws and hundreds of ways to file.
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Your Social Security Analysis

  • Maps out the best time to file Social Security for you and your spouse
  • Calculates value of your projected benefits during retirement
  • Identifies gaps between your projected Social Security benefits and the income you will need in retirement
  • Easy-to-understand filing strategies, comparison charts & much more

Your No-Obligation Social Security Analysis

Navigate the complexities of Social Security with this personalized report to help you optimize your retirement income

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