Member Presenters

Who are our Member/Presenters?

Our Independent FFEBA Member/Presenters, utilizing their experience, credentials and personal qualifications, donate their time by conducting no-cost, no obligation federal benefit workshops to individuals and federal agencies.

Each FFEBA Member/Presenter conducts either a sponsored event or non-sponsored event. To find out more regarding these event types, please visit our FAQ Page. More information on our event types

FFEBA National Director Brian Benham

Brian Benham

For over 20 years, Brian has assisted thousands of Mid-Western families with taxes and retirement planning. For a large part of his career, he has been focused on serving as a resource for federal employees with their FERS and CSRS benefit plans.

As the National Director of Federal Edge, Brian’s experience and training make him uniquely qualified to conduct educational presentations. He also works one-on-one in his private practice – helping federal employees fully understand their benefits as they plan to retire.

In his role as a Federal Retirement System National Instructor, Brian also teaches CPAs, Attorneys, Insurance Agents, and Financial Professionals. The goal is to make them aware of FERS/CSRS complexities to help them better serve their own clients retiring from federal positions.

FFEBA Speaker FFEBA Speaker

Brad Pate

Starting his career by working with State of Florida employees, Brad began offering insurance benefits through payroll deductions over 20 years ago. After a very successful tenure, he started his own company working with Federal/Postal employees.

At the time, no one company in the country had ever been able to offer a broad range of insurance benefits and financial planning products to Federal/Postal employees through payroll deduction. After Brad was told by multiple companies that offering a full portfolio to Federal/Postal employees through payroll was near impossible, that was the motivation he needed to get started.

Brad has provided retirement and benefits seminars to groups as small as 20 people to groups as large as 550. He has also helped financial planning radio shows gather insight regarding the needs of federal employees.

FFEBA Speaker Johnny Rosier

Johnny Rosier

Over four decades of helping state employees, public educators and federal employees with their retirement benefits is a point of pride for Johnny. He and his team travel nationally providing benefits educational seminars for CPAs, Attorneys, Insurance Agents, and Financial Professionals.

The complexities of FERS and CSRS can be a challenge. He aims to make sure that advisors helping federal employees with their retirement planning know how to best assist their clients.

Johnny is able to discuss all the federal benefits programs available with employees and family members – both active and retired.

Ryan Polimeni

Ryan’s passion for educating people on topics of finance is what separates him from the rest of the financial world. Ryan is frequently invited by federal facilities to host educational workshops for those that are new to their benefit plans to even assist those that are about to retire within 5 years.

Ryan created the FedMade Simple Podcast to help take the complexity out of the complex world of understanding federal benefits. As a Federal Retirement Consultant, Ryan’s training and skill set puts him in a category of less than 500 FINRA registered advisors in the United States who are certified to work with federal employees.

Born and raised in New England, Ryan is an avid outdoors-man. He enjoys fishing, hiking, playing soccer and travelling and eating different foods across the world, and enjoying time with his new child along with his wife, Jasmeen.

Caine Crawford

Caine Crawford Sr. uses his more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry to help Federal Employees throughout the United States with their Benefits and retirement needs. Caine is President and Lead Benefits Counselor for the Federal Employee Advocacy Group, based in Denver Colorado.
Caine teaches Federal Benefits and Retirement workshops for Federal Agencies, all across the Country. He understands federal benefits can appear somewhat complex and lack clarity. Caine has now published his book, The Educated Fed: Your Guide to Understanding & Maximizing Federal Benefits. The Educated Fed is a self-help book for federal employees who want to learn how to maximize their federal benefits for retirement.
FFEBA Speaker Patrick Harkin

Patrick Harkin

Patrick retired from the US Postal Service with over 30 years of government service in many Regional, Headquarters and OIC/Acting Postmaster positions.
Aside from serving in the US Air Force and the Iowa Air National Guard, he wanted more life experience. Patrick studied Accounting and Business Law at both Drake University and Iowa State University.
Upon retiring from the Postal Service, Patrick realized there is a huge resources gap for postal and federal employees to help them understand their benefits. Why was there not a true, legitimate source to get these definitive answers? This is what brought him to F.F.E.B.A.
FFEBA Speaker Calvin Bagley

Calvin Bagley

With over three decades of service, Calvin retired from the US Postal Service in January 2010. Calvin started as a letter carrier and moved up to the highest positions within the Postal Service.

Having served in the US Air Force and his experience as a Police Officer, Calvin wanted to dive deeper into this world. He soon received his BS Degree in Criminal Justice from North Carolina Wesleyan College.

Calvin is presently licensed in 25 states and has spent several years working with federal employees in optimizing their retirement benefits. He has had the pleasure of assisting employees with ATF, Customs Border Patrol, immigration, FBI, Social Security, FSA, and many more federal agencies.

Sonja Comeaux

Sonja Comeaux’s career began in the early 1980’s as a business owner specializing in Cajun foods. She owned and managed two retail outlets, plus a USDA-regulated Cajun food processing plant.

After retiring from the food business, Sonja began a new career in Financial Advising. Her new passion was working with federal employees to help educate them on their benefits and retirement options.

Licensed in 18 states, she conducts educational presentations across the country. Sonja has worked with numerous federal agencies such as the USDA, IRS, HUD, VA, Homeland Security, and many others.

FFEBA Speaker Carolee Dasher

Dr. Carolee Dasher

For over two decades, Dr. Carolee Dasher (Doctorate of Jurisprudence, B.S.W., N.A.S.S.A) has advocated through various government agencies with a commitment to helping American families. Aside from her work with F.F.E.B.A., she is the National Director of the FEDweek Knowledge program, which offers a free Benefit Analysis and a FEDweek Publication to federal employees.

As a nationally recognized advocate for federal employee benefits, she has authored several publications focusing on the impact of retirement options under special situations such as a VER, RIF and Furlough during a government reorganization. She continuously provides her clients, organizations, and unions of proposed/current legislation that may affect federal employee benefits.

Dr. Dasher provides workshops with insight about innovative and creative methods which federal employees can use to get the most of their benefits. She also provides one-on-one personalized sessions to help guide employees past the complexities of federal benefits to pursue a sound, financial future.

Dr. Dasher is actively involved in many organizations aimed at assisting working American families. Her connections include to the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, (NAIFA), National Ethics Association (NEA) and the National Association of Retired Federal Employees (NARFE).  She is also a prospect for the Daughters of the American Revolution.

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