The Federation of Federal Employee Benefit Advocates (FFEBA) is an educational resource that provides training to help federal employees understand the complexities of their FERS and CSRS benefits. FFEBA also connects federal employees with professional resources, such as CPAs, Registered Representatives, Attorneys, or Insurance-Licensed professionals whom are fully trained on federal benefits. We are approved as a registered vendor for the federal government (DUNS and SAM registration numbers provided upon request).

There is no sales pitch at any of our educational seminars. FFEBA conducts either a hosted/sponsored event or a non-sponsored event. Both types of events are taught exactly the same by FFEBA’s member/presenters.

The sponsored/hosted event typically has a local professional that would be available for a federal employee requesting a no-obligation review/analysis of their benefits. Seminar attendees are in no way obligated to engage with any professional/host.

FFEBA and our independent member/presenters are typically asked questions relating to a federal employee’s specific situation. FFEBA does not give personal advice. FFEBA refers these specific questions to the host or local Federal Retirement Consultant in their local area.

Please note:

  • Non-Sponsored events are typically coordinated with a federal agency to help assist/supplement in any federal benefits training. These are usually requested by Federal Government agencies for on-site workshop/presentations. References available upon request.
  • A Host would have to pass the Federal Retirement Consultant designation to even be considered as a host.
  • FFEBA does acknowledge that attendee’s may wish to pursue a meeting with a no-obligation review from one of our Independent Member/Presenters. Both parties in the consultation possess the right and opportunity to create a business relationship or transact business between them.
  • If attendees choose to make a private appointment with a host/sponsor, there may be a fee or commission on products and services they provide.

No. The Federation of Federal Employee Benefit Advocates is not affiliated with any federal government entity.

Our speakers have various backgrounds applicable to assisting federal employees with their retirement benefits. Some are retired federal employees, or are federal benefits advocates, or otherwise have extensive experience with federal employee benefits. These individuals have successfully completed an intensive training course and passed a rigorous examination covering all federal employee benefits. More information on our speakers

There is no charge for our educational seminars or for any of the materials we provide at each session.

The Federation of Federal Employee Benefit Advocates is primarily funded by private and corporate entities; this also includes educators’ fees. We also receive advertising dollars through our publications and relationships with federal publication companies.