EPA Employees: Speak With a F.F.E.B.A. Network Representative

EPA Employee Retirement Resources

In our ongoing commitment to Federal employees, we want EPA employees to fully understand their retirement benefits and Thrift Savings Plan options. This is especially for those who may be faced with a Reduction In Force (RIF) notice.

That’s why we’re offering you the opportunity to speak with one of our F.F.E.B.A. Network Representatives and order your personalized TSP & Federal Benefits Analysis – completely free with no-obligation.

Your Personalized Federal Benefit Analysis provides comprehensive retirement-planning information calculating:

  • Current and future values of your pension (annuity)
  • Present and future value of your TSP account
  • Estimated cost and coverage of your FEGLI
  • Analyzes the best election year for Social Security benefits
  • Computes future income forecasts, your best tax strategy and more

BONUS: Free FEDweek Book

You’ll also have the opportunity to order your choice of one of the following FEDweek Books:

  • FERS Retirement Planning Guide
  • CSRS Retirement Planning Guide
  • Book Of Answers For Federal Employees And Retirees – New 5th Edition
  • Federal Employees Handbook
  • Thrift Savings Plan – New 5th Edition

Fill out this form today to request a F.F.E.B.A. Network Representative to contact you:

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